Answers from a Bride


1) When was your wedding and
where was it held?

The wedding was May 28, 2017 at the Oceanbleu Inn West Hampton, NY.

2) How did you come about
hiring A Circle of Gold, and why did you choose Rev. Phil over other wedding officiants? 

We met a bunch of other officiants and when we met Rev. Phil we immediately knew he was the one. We met him at his house which felt really personal and he was just very easy going, real, and down to earth. Not too full of it or serious about life.

3) Tell us a bit about the planning process: Were you happy with Rev. Phil's customer service? 

Was he responsive and easy to talk to? 

Did he work with your budget?

He made it very easy for us. We chose one of of his writings which ironically fit us perfectly. He was very responsive and easy to talk to. His price was so reasonable we had no desire to negotiate on price.

4) Did you have an idea of what you wanted for your wedding ceremony, or did Rev. Phil come up with the overall concept? How’d the collaboration go?

To be honest We were both really busy before the wedding and even though it would have been nice to write our vows, we just didn’t have time. So it was great that he had a plethora of options and they were really good.

5) Did Rev. Phil arrive to your wedding on time and fully prepared?

He was on time, looking sharp, and fully prepared. He told us exactly what to do so there was no confusion. 

6) Were you happy with how your wedding ceremony turned out? Was Rev. Phil clear and loud enough for your guests to hear?

We were 100% happy with the ceremony. One of the best things we enjoyed most about Rev Phil was his tasteful witty and appropriate use of humor. I’m not joking when I say that people came up to us after the ceremony telling us how great our officiant was.

7) Even the best companies can improve: If you had to identify a place where A Circle of Gold might be able to grow stronger, what would that be?

No not really much here. Sorry.

8) And here's the true test: Would you
recommend Rev. Phil to your siblings or best friend for their weddngs?

Yes 100%